Department of Agriculture is hiring

The Planning and Programming Division under the Planning and Monitoring Service of the Department of Agriculture (Central Office) is looking for the following:⁣⠀

One (1) Planning Officer I, Contract of Service, equivalent SG 11⁣⠀


  • Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job⁣⠀
  • Knowledge in MS Office productivity tools⁣⠀
  • Coordination, liaising, and documentation skills⠀
  • Research and data gathering skills⁣⠀
  • Written communication skills⁣⠀

Terms of Reference⁣:⠀

✅ Assists in the formulation of the agriculture and fishery sector’s strategic and long-term plans;⁣⠀

✅ Provides technical support in the consolidation and analysis of the Department’s annual plan and budget proposals;⠀

✅ Prepares PowerPoint presentation/briefing materials;⠀

✅ Coordinates with the relevant agencies, and regional field offices;⁣ and⠀

✅ Provides administrative support in all activities of the Division.⠀

Three (3) Planning Officer II, Contract of Service, equivalent SG 15⠀


  • Preferably BS in Economics/Agricultural Economics/Agribusiness and other related degree programs
  • Knowledge in strategic planning and government planning and budget cycle⠀
  • Knowledge on the agriculture and fisheries sector and DA Operating Units’ mandates⠀
  • Technical writing and oral communication skills
  • Coordination, liaising, and documentation skills⠀

Terms of Reference: ⠀

✅ Provides technical support in the formulation of the agriculture and fisheries medium-term plan, commodity/functional roadmaps and masterplans;⠀

✅ Assists in consolidating, evaluating, and integrating the Annual Plan and Budget Proposals of the Department and its Operating Units;⠀

✅ Provide technical inputs during meetings, consultations, workshops, conferences, etc.;⠀

✅ Prepares PowerPoint presentations/briefing materials on matters related to strategic planning and monitoring functions; and⠀

✅ Drafts office correspondence and other related documents in support of the division’s functions.⠀

📩 Interested applicants may send the following documents at [email protected] with the subject [POSITION]_SURNAME, FIRST NAME.⁣⠀

1. Letter of Application addressed to:⁣⠀



Planning and Programming Division⁣⠀

2. Curriculum Vitae⁣⠀

3. Personal Data Sheet (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) together with the Work Experience Sheet (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017)⁣⠀

4. Copy of Transcript of Records⁣⠀

5. Copy of Diploma⁣⠀

6. Copy of Certificate of Eligibility⁣⠀

7. Copy of Certificate of Training (If available)⁣⠀

The deadline for submission will be on September 23, 2022 at 12:00PM.