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10 Most Popular Online Games in the Philippines 2021

What are the most popular online games in the Philippines in terms of the number of players, how many downloads, and the cult of following the games have?

The number of game users in the Philippines soared up because of the pandemic. People are in quarantine and because of that they find ways to entertain themselves; they found it in playing games on their mobile devices.

What are the Top 10 Online Mobile Games in the Philippines 2021?

If you are looking for mobile games that are in trend nowadays, we have come up with these 10 popular online games in the Philippines. You can try them yourself and see how people are getting into games these days. Here are the lists:

#10. Minecraft – This is where you can explore infinite worlds, this is a world of your own online. You can build everything from simple houses to beautiful castles. You can play in creative mode, where you can create a lot of things with unlimited resources at your disposal or you mine the deepest core of survival mode, creating weapons and defense capabilities to drive off dangerous opponents. You can survive alone or you can be friends with some of the players and be a force to reckoned with.

#9. Dragon Raja – The developer of this game is well established in the industry of gaming where the engine is UE4, The fantasy MMORPG has incredible stunning graphics that will take you in the fantasy of their characters. You can explore an infinite world and discover it being the driver. The career system is well thought of and the avatar will speak a thousand words, the enjoyment you derive from this game is beyond experience. The social system environment will definitely give a boost in enjoying the game with your friends.

#8. Clash of Clans – Yes the game that started it all with clan wars building defense buildings and attacking opponents with great enthusiasm. You can forge alliances along the way to attack enemies with your battle strategies. You can collect resources and if you are in dire need of materials you can also steal and loot from other players to upgrade your village in such a way as to gain an advantage in the game.

#7. Ragnarok: Eternal Love – Interesting avatar of characters where you can switch your class anytime. The characters of Arcane Master, Chronomancer, Soulblade Cross, Shadow Warrior, Stellar Hunter, Solar Trouvere, Luna Danseuse, Saint, Dragon Fist, Light Bringer, Begetter, Novice Guardian, Spirit Whisperer, Runemaster, and Divine Avenger. If you can see they have interesting names of characters that you will surely love.

#6. Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile – PUBG MOBILE gives the best gameplay of attacking each other with the highest resolution in the game. The selection of weapons both imaginable and unimaginable can give the confidence to dole it out with maps and modes that are excellent to give your opponent a hard time.

PUBG Mobile has amazing gameplay where you can have classic battles of 100-player in a survival mode. Do you need some gears, they can give you that, you can also have a fast-paced 4v4 deathmatch and modes where zombie lies. The last one standing will be the ultimate survivor with a badge that he is the best player in the game.

#5 Roblox – When you can imagine, you can also create and have fun playing with your friends as you deep dive and immerse yourselves in the 3D experience that engulf you in millions. Any experience that you want to imagine you can do in Roblox.

#4 Call of Duty Mobile – This game is the closest thing you have in real-world experience. You can do a Battle Royal of 100 players. A multiplayer mode with traditional 5 vs. 5 teams combats where you can go in places within the map to strategically defeat the enemy. Do you know John Price? The classic character of Call of Duty, if you played the game you will surely know him.

#3 Genshin Impact – You can sense the ambiance of sailor moon on the character of this game. The new character Nakurami Ogosho promised the people of Inazuma an unchanging eternity, new areas of watatsumi island, and moonlight merriment. You can also experience seven nations teeming with life and also harness the power of gods.

#2  League of Legends: Wild Rift – this is the game where you can choose your lane, take on the jungle, destroy turrets to reach the nexus, and destroy the enemy base. You can unlock powerful ultimate ability where you can obliterate your opponent to make it to the next level. When you take down enemies you will earn experience, you can also kill monsters or minions to destroy any opponent’s structures. If you unlock more powerful abilities you can gain more XP and you will level up.

#1 Mobile Legends – The most popular games in the Philippines where young and olds are playing this game. Tournament battles all over the country and abroad make the game more competitive. Teams are being made to prepare them to master the craft of winning a mobile legend game. Ask anyone in the country if they played this game and they will say they played it once in their lifetime or they are hook on the game.

These are the top 10 online games in the Philippines that Filipino are spending their time to enjoy and be a master of it.