1Sambayan Potential President and Vice President

Anti-administration forces vowed to field a unified opposition ticket in the May 2022 national elections. 1Sambayan is a newly formed coalition led by former Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio that aims to come up with a single slate of national candidates.

The potential candidates for president or vice-president are Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, Senators Nancy Binay and Grace Poe, Vice-President Leni Robredo, and former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. The coalition is prepared to accept suggestions and nominations from the Filipino people and the vetting process includes surveys and interviews of potential candidates.

1Sambayan’s convenors include personalities from the judiciary, executive department, legislative department, and some labor groups. The diversity of the coalition will not prevent it from achieving its objective of unified opposition.

Now, the problem lies in who’s the potential candidate has a chance to win the election. I can only think of two possible combinations that maybe had a chance to make it. A guy and a girl or a girl and a guy, we’ll see the two possibilities.

For President – Isko Moreno and for Vice President – Grace Poe

The popularity right now of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno can transcend into vote come election time. This is based on what he does in Metro Manila, the beautification, cleanliness, and the order he brought to the city. We can say he has the charisma for the masses, we all know that majority of votes come from class D and E or the masses; this will surely makes him a viable candidate.

The integrity on the other hand of Senator Grace Poe will be a nice way to say that she is a perfect fit for the vice-presidency. She is popular also in the middle class and lower class of the population, and I think a nice complement for Mayor Isko Moreno.   

Grace Poe can’t run again for the same position because last time she lost the election of the president and she needs to gain the trust of the people again, so vice-presidency would be a nice stepping stone for her.

For President – VP Leni Robredo and Vice-President – Mayor Isko Moreno

This is the other combination of the opposition VP Leni as president, but I think the opposition will have a hard time selling it especially on what she had gone through with negative propaganda by the government. If they will go head to head with Mayor Sara Duterte she doesn’t have a chance. But aside from Mayor Sara any presidential candidate by the PDP Laban slate she had a chance against.

On the other hand, Mayor Isko Moreno as a Vice President will give a boost to the opposition party and make their slate a contender, that’s how valuable Mayor Isko is to the coalition party of the opposition.

So we will see if the opposition can put meaningful contenders in the position of president, vice-president, and twelve senatorial candidates. Right now, they will have to consider possible suggestions of the people and hope to have a good outcome in the coming election.