Tribute to Kobe Bryant

A student draws an impressive art as a tribute to Kobe Bryant

John Herbert Santiago

The news of the passing of 41-year-old Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna because of helicopter crash brought devastation to the world with thousands of people still in disbelief and grief. Even those who are not a basketball fanatic mourned the loss of a great man, a father and admirable friend to everyone.

Tributes for the late star came in with many famous celebrities expresses their heartfelt messages for Kobe. while many fans have also made their own tribute for their idol expressing admiration and love. One student got viral because of his artwork that wows the netizens.

A student recently went viral for his outstanding artwork that is dedicated to the NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

John Herbert Santiago a grade 12 STEM student at Panipuan High School pays tribute to the late basketball legend, Kobe Bryant through art. He recently becomes the talk on social media after he made a soulful portrait of Kobe using chalk in the classroom board. According to him he made it during break time. It was indeed a beautiful masterpiece that he himself finds it hard to erase.

The drawing was a silhouette art that managed to capture Kobe’s head and the details of it were really of Kobe. He appears to wear a hoodie and has a ball in his hand.

*Kobe Bryant is a professional basketball player of Los Angeles lakers.

Netizens were quick to praise the student for his impressive art. Some wanted to buy the canvas. Many also encouraged the young man to pursue his dreams to create more outstanding work saying he would be a famous artist in the future.

Here’s one quote from Kobe Bryant:

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.”

– Kobe Bryant