AstraZeneca Vaccine Expected to Arrive in the PH Today

The president is expected to be at the airport today to welcome the arrival of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The 535,600 doses that first announced had been reduced to 487,200 doses and we don’t why.

The vaccine will be waiting for its disposal after it will hit the ground and start to run its course. The counterpart of Sinovac which already been given to health workers and front liners will be expected to have better reception than its predecessor.

The Sinovac vaccine is slowly been accepted by the people even though there are second thoughts and clouds of doubt at first. We hope the Astrazeneca vaccine will receive the same treatment as Sinovac.

So far there had been no reported side effects on people that had been vaccinated by the vaccine, but we are continuously monitoring if there will be one. This is one of the top issues right now in the Philippines, the vaccination campaign of the government, if it will live up to expectation, and if we are going to be safe after having been vaccinated with the Covid19 vaccine.

Politicians are now in a heated argument about the rollout of vaccines. We have seen the president castigating the vice-president for criticizing the government in procuring and the slow action that the Duterte administration had been doing, which in turn the vice-president saying in her interviews that the president is “Sobrang Pikon” when he himself said “Ang pikon ay laging talo” time and time again.

The vaccine that will arrive today is just the donation of the World Health Organization for the Philippines, and the ordered AstraZeneca vaccine from the government and other LGU’s are still being awaited for its delivery.

The chief implementer and the vaccine zsar Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr said that the vaccination campaign for the public is expected to kick off the second quarter of the year, probably in May. So they are very optimistic that this successful vaccination campaign so far will continue until they will start to vaccinate the public, and the vaccine will roll out in the province after that.

This has been a busy week for the rolling out of vaccines and the coverage of media is very intense as this will prompt that after this we have a safer country and we can start to live a new normal life. They started to be more relaxed in implementing protocols around the nation, and you can travel now without the need for a health certificate and travel pass.

Aside from that, the restrictions of people going out had been lifted even though there are still some safety protocols that you have to keep in mind, but still, this is a welcome change and a more accepted one.

We will follow the news about the vaccines that are in and the ones that will still arrive. The world is slowly but surely recovering from the damaged that the pandemic brought us, but we still have a long way to go.