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Bicol University BU Online Application for Freshmen AY 2021

The Bicol University BU releases the guidelines of Admission for incoming Freshmen in Academic Year 2021-2022.

Applicants shall accomplish a Personal Information Sheet, with provisions for indicating scholastic grades and a Student Portfolio where authenticated evidences for scholarship leadership, service and character shall be submitted. Admission will be based on the Scholarship which is the SHS GPA for grade 9 to 11 and the documents for evaluation under Leadership, Service and Character.


  1. Students of DepEd-recognized high schools that are high school seniors expecting to graduate at the end of the school year: OR
  2. Senior high school graduates who have not taken and/ are not taking any college subject/s.


  1. One (1) copy of the downloadable requirements checklist
  2. Correctly and completely accomplished Online Personal Information Sheet and Student Portfolio
  3. One (1) copy of 2″x2″ recent photograph of the applicant in white background with the name tag
  4. Grade 9 to Grade 11 High School academic ratings affixed at the reverse side of the Personal Information Sheet and duly signed by the School Principal:
  5. 5. One long-sized window mailing envelope with Php 45.00 worth of stamps attached on the upper right-hand corner for mailing of results (see example below):
  6. Photocopies of Form 137 and Form 138 for senior high school graduates who have not taken any college subject. (Original copies should be presented for authentication)
  7. Certifications on Extra Curricular, Community Engagement, Leadership and Advocacy, Part-time Work, Competitive awards and Citations (Institutional, Provincial, Regional, National and International) ) from grades 9-11 and Sample Portfolio showing excellence in the sciences, humanities, arts, sports, photography, woodworking, composing music, writing poetry, short stories, and essays, culinary arts, technology covering grades 9-11.
  8. One (1) Long Brown Envelope with name and active contact number indicated on the upper left-hand corner

Guidelines for Freshmen Admission at Bicol University for Academic Year 2021

Interim Guidelines for Freshmen Admission in Bicol University for Academic Year 2021

In view of the release of Administrative No. 7 series of 2021 re: Interim Guidelines for Freshmen Admission in Bicol University for Academic Year 2021, the Office of Admissions provides the following specific Guidelines on the Application and Submission of Authenticated Documents for all incoming freshmen S.Y. 2021-2022.


  1. BU Online Application Form can be accessed through the BU website: http://buao.ml/bucet_online/preview.php (remove spaces). Make sure to have a stable internet connection. Whatever input that will be submitted by the applicant is final and cannot be changed. Any problem encountered in filling up the forms, please email: [email protected];
  2. Fill out the Online Personal Information Sheet (PIS) and Student Portfolio (SP) honestly and completely; for your course choice, refer to the code in the COURSE OFFERINGS list;
  3. Print out the PDF copy of your Personal Information Sheet, Student Portfolio, and Requirements Checklist. Use legal size (8”x13”) bond paper for printing the forms.
  4. Give the PIS Form and Student Portfolio to your high school
    Registrar/Principal/School Head to fill out the SECONDARY RECORD FORM at the back page of your Personal Information Sheet (PIS). Make sure your School Principal/School Head has signed the Personal Information Sheet and certified your Student Portfolio. Both documents should have a dry seal of your school;
  5. The fee of Php 250.00 is free for Filipino freshmen applicants pursuant to R.A. 10931;
  6. Submit your complete application documents through mail or any courier services or drop boxes located at the BU Admissions Office Lobby or at designated guardhouses in the different BU campuses. For walk-in applicants, bring your documents during your date of appointment provided that health protocols (wearing of face mask and face shield) are strictly observed;
  7. Assigned BUAO personnel will check and validate your requirements;
  8. Wait for the confirmation reply via email.


Online Application is from January 12, 2021 – March 12 2021.

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