bpi to paymaya

BPI to Paymaya: How to transfer money using BPI mobile app?

If you have a BPI account and you are enrolled in online banking, it is easier to do transactions in the comfort of your home. One of the services you can enjoy is to transfer funds from your BPI mobile app to Paymaya.

How to transfer funds from BPI to Paymaya?

  1. Open your BPI mobile application. Sign in with your user name and password or you can opt to log in using your biometrics if you already saved it on your phone.

2. Click the 3 lines on the left side of your screen, and click “transfer” which can be found under my account. Select the “transfer money” button on the dropdown.

3. Fill out the needed information to transfer your funds.

  • Choose your savings account
  • Put the amount of money you want to send
  • Tick the box where”Transfer to another bank” is written.
  • For the bank- Select “Paymaya” on the dropdown.
  • At the moment you will not be deducted from this transaction.

4. Put the account number and the name of the beneficiary. Then click ” Next”.

5. You will then be asked to confirm if the details are correct. If everything is fine, tick the box to agree with their terms and conditions. Then click ” Confirm”.

6. Congrats, you successfully transfer funds from BPI to Paymaya.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the service fee for the transfer?

There is a Php25 service fee for transferring money from bpi to the Paymaya account.

What is the minimum amount of money I can send?

You can send a minimum amount of P500.

How long will I have to wait for the money to be received?

The money you transfer will be received instantly. No more hassle of waiting.

It’s very convenient to use this type of transaction nowadays. Especially with the risk of contracting the virus when you go out. If you still don’t have a BPI online banking, enroll now and enjoy transacting at the comfort of your home.