DDS Vs DIlawan

DDS vs. Dilawan the Trolls Propaganda

According to Vice –President Leni Robredo trolls divided the country into DDS versus Dilawan. She said that troll activity affected what she called an “opportunity to unite.” The back and forth slamming of position by the president and the vice-president about how to govern a country has been going on for much of their seats in office. First in their position on who really won the vice-presidential election, then the West Philippine Sea issue, the Manila Bay pink sand, the typhoon efforts, and lately the vaccination program of the government.

They have a different view on pressing issues that the Philippines are having, and they see to it that they are vocal about it. Both have a Liberal, Libertarian, and Populism point of view, but they don’t agree on much of the time. Much has been said about their personality traits where they analyze each other’s behavior.

With the advent of social media, information right now are easily been disseminated and had been easily manipulated. Sometimes trolls are having their way to the people with ease even though there is no basis on what they claim is true. I remember the series Blacklist on Netflix where a certain group set up a campaign headquarters where trolls had a lot of data and graphs where they can manipulate a certain issue or truth for the benefit of the person they are supporting. I remember a senate inquiry where a certain person had been questioned about online propaganda where trolls had been subjected to fake news that is circulating online. He said that they are a part of online content creation under the administration where they put content about the unknown truth, but some of those who oppose it are saying that they are being used to become an online troll so that they can twist the truth.

What DDS and Dilawan mean?

DDS stands for Diehard Duterte Supporters (DDS). From the word itself, it simply means the supporters of President Duterte. On the other hand, those in the opposition are called dilawan. Dilawan literally means ‘yellow’ and yellow is a color associated with the first People Power Revolution and used to describe the supporters of the Liberal Party.

In short, there are only two sides, you are for the president or you are against the president, and they call it DDS or Dutertards and Dilawan or Hypocrites. I don’t remember if the media is the one who coined the term DDS and Dilawan or it is borne by the reaction of the people. But it is the norm in social media that eventually divides the people.

This is the first time where a president is not keen on being politically correct. He can say whatever he wants to say and later on be explained in different tone by his secretaries. We admire the frankness of the commander-in-chief but sometimes it’s not presidential like and that frustrate a lot of people. As some of the people said that we are just used to being lied to by politicians and we are angry because truth hurts but that is the truth and we have to accept it.

So I’m hoping in the next presidential election that we choose a president that is frank but also knows how to act like a true president without the curse of words and other innuendos. A president who tells the truth, but that is not how politics works, if you want to survive in politics you have to be clever. In other words, that is how the world of politics goes.