globe go 90

Globe Go 90 promo, 8 GB data+Unlitext to all networks

Globe Go 90 allows globe subscribers to use the internet with 8 GB data. Aside from the 8 GB all access data, this promo also includes 1 GB for GOwifi and unlimited text to all networks.

Globe recently introduces their newest Go promos Globe Go50, Go90, Go120, and Go140. Compared to previous promos, the new Go promos has allotted more data for your internet needs.

Depending on your budget and internet needs, you can select what is the best promo for you.

Globe GO 90 promo

  • 8GB of data
  • 1GB free GoWiFi access
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Cost: 90 pesos
  • Validity: 7 days
  • Register via GlobeOne app

How to register for Globe Go90?

To register for Globe Go90, you should download the GlobeOne application on your google play or apple app store.

Globe said that the promo will be valid until September 30, 2020, only, however, let’s hope it will be extended or even become permanent.

You can also register using the gcash app. Click the buy load button, enter your mobile number and choose Globe prepaid go. Select the Go90 and pay.

How it is different from the Globe GoExtra 90?

Globe GoExtra 90 has 8GB Data All Sites, 1GB GoWiFi, Unli Calls to Globe, and Unli Texts to all networks valid for 7 Days for Only 90 Pesos.

If you will compare it from the GO90, the cost, validity, and data are the same but if you enjoy taking on the phone with your friends and family, you might opt with the Go extra 90.

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