globe rewards list

Globe Rewards List & How to redeem points

Globe Rewards is a program of Globe Telecom which gives its user special treats by converting their points to promos, discounts, gift certificates, bill rebates, etc. It is also known as MyRewards MyGlobe. Every active subscriber is automatically enrolled, so no need for registration.

How can you earn points?

  • For globe prepaid or TM subscriber, you can earn points by buying a prepaid load.
  • Another is for the postpaid customer when paying their total monthly bill
  • While Home Prepaid WiFi customers, you can earn points with every top-up and promo purchases 
  • Lastly, AutoloadMax retailers, you earn points for every P200 commercial load purchase.

How to check points in Globe?

You have to know first how many points you have accumulated to be able to redeem it. To check your Globe reward points, text BAL to 4438.

Now, if you already accumulated points, and you want to use it, the table below can be of help to you.

How to redeem points?

If you want to redeem the points you have, you just need to send the redeem space the code and send it to 4438.
Example: REDEEM GOUNLI50 send to 4438

Globe reward list

Here is the list of Globe rewards, the item code, how much points needed, and the description and validity.

Reward Item CodeDescriptionValidityPoints Required
GSURF55MB data1 day1 point
GCALL55 minutes call to Globe/TM1 day1 point
INSTAG1DInstagram access1 day1 point
VIBER1DViber access1 day1 point
FB1DFacebook access1 day1 point
GC510 texts and 2 minutes calls to Globe/TM1 day1 point
TWITTER1DTwitter app access1 day1 point
GOSURF10Facebook access40 MB mobile internet dataunlimited texts to all networks1 day2 points
GOSAKTO10CALL10 minutes calls to Globe/TM1 day2 points
GOSAKTO10TEXT50 texts to all networks1 day2 points
COMBO1010 minutes calls to Globe/TMunlimited texts to Globe/TM50 texts to all networks1 day2 points
GOSURF1530MB app40MB mobile internet data2 days3 points
GCALL1520 minutes calls to Globe/TM1 day3 points
GOUNLI20unlimited calls to Globe/TM20 texts to all networks15MB mobile internet data1 day4 points
UNLI20unlimited texts to Globe/TM1 day4 points
POGO10100MB Pokemon Go access1 day5 points
FB7DFacebook access7 days5 points
FBMES7DFacebook Messenger access7 days5 points
VIBER7DViber access7 days5 points
TWITTER7DTwitter access7 days5 points
INSTAG7DInstagram access7 days5 points
GOUNLI25Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TMUnlimited texts to all networksViber access1 day5 points
GOSURF30150MB mobile internet data50MB app of choice2 days6 points
WAZE1D100MB Waze access1 day7 points
POGO15100MB Pokemon GO access2 days7 points
WECHAT1D100MB WeChat access1 day7 points
YOUTUBE10100MB Youtube access1 day7 points
SNAP1D100MB Snapchat access1 day7 points
TWITTER15DTwitter access15 days10 points
INSTAG15DInstagram access15 days10 points
FB15DFacebook access15 days10 points
FBMES15DFacebook Messenger access15 days10 points
VIBER15DViber Access15 days10 points
GOUNLI50Unlimited calls to Globe/TMUnlimited texts to all networks50MB mobile internet data (surf)3 days10 points
GOSURF501GB mobile internet data300MB app of choiceUnlimited texts to all networks3 days10 points
HOOQ59300MB HOOQ access7 days10 points
YOUTUBE20200MB YouTube access2 days11 points
HOOQ149300MB HOOQ access30 days15 points
POGO991GB Pokemon GO access30 days25 points
SNAP7D600MB Snapchat access7 days30 points
WAZE7D500MB Waze access7 days40 points
FB30D1GB Facebook access30 days50 points
YOUTUBE1991GB YouTube access30 days78 points
WAZE30D1GB Waze access30 days80 points
VIBER30D1GB Viber access30 days115 points
SNAP30D1GB Snapchat access30 days150 points
GOSURF2991GB mobile internet data30 days150 points
GOSURF5994GB mobile internet data30 days250 points
GOSURF9998GB mobile internet data30 days500 points

How to share points in globe?

The sharing of points at this time is not available. We’ll wait for update of globe when it will come back again. But previously if you want to share your points, you can do so by following this method:

Text SHARE <space> 11-digit mobile number of the person you want to send your point <space> no. of points then send to 4438.

There will be a P1 fee per transaction which will be charged to the sender. You can share up to five (5) times in a day.

SHARE 09279999999 10 and send to 4438

Meanwhile, you can opt instead to share a promo to someone using your points.

How to share/gift a promo using your points?

 Dial *143# then select > Rewards > Gift Rewards > then input the 10-digit number (example: 9271234567) of the person that will receive your gift > after the number has been submitted, choose the promo that you want to gift.
You can also send this following keyword to gift a promo: Text GIFT<space>ITEM CODE<space>10-digit mobile number and send to 4438.

Example: GIFT GOSURF50 9271234567 and send to 4438.