Go-Duterte Build Up

President Duterte in his speech in Negros Oriental said that Go had asked him to tell the public that he would run for the presidency in the national elections next year. On the other hand, Senator Bong Go has maintained that he is not interested in running as president in the 2022 elections but he may change his mind if President Duterte will consider running as his vice-president.

They are slowly building up the tandem to the public by teasing the viability of the pair. Imagine if Go and Duterte win the president and vice-president position they can continue the projects that they have started. There is a possibility that Duterte can be president again if the president is ill or can’t continue because of some reason. That is why that is a viable option for President Duterte to continue on his power.

What if Vice President Leni Robredo became President and the Vice-President is Rodrigo Duterte see the irony? Can president Leni then do what the former president has done to her, ignore the vice-president? She can do that but that would tantamount to political revenge.

I haven’t seen the same party candidate that wins president and vice-president positions. If that is the case then we will assume that if ever Senator Bong Go runs for the presidency there’s a big chance he will not win the election because president Duterte will surely win the vice-presidency because of the strong support from the public. But as they say, there is always an exception to the rule, maybe they can both win it.

These are some of the options of their party because I think they are having a hard time convincing Mayor Sara Duterte to run as president. Mayor Sara already said that she is not interested in the presidency, and President Duterte said that the presidency is not for women because it entails toughness because of the nature of hard decisions to make, and women are emotional in nature that’s why it is not a good fit.

Some opposition is saying that the president is just saying that to undermine the candidacy for president by VP Leni and also so that opposition will not target Mayor Sara this early. The propaganda machine is already working this early until the campaign period will start. Expect more to come in terms of strategic plans from each other’s political strategists. They are already conditioning the minds of voters that such tandem is far better than the rest.

Remember former Senator Trillanes who said that they will prosecute President Duterte when he stepped down as president of the country because of human rights violations committed under his presidency. The International Court of Justice is also hinting to prosecute the president after his tenure as president is up.

That is why there is speculation going on that president Duterte is doing his best to continue to stay in power by navigating available options such as vice-presidency. We’ll see if this will materialize.