BPI mobile key activation

How to activate the mobile key in the BPI app?

I am a BPI user since the beginning. I mostly do transactions using my smartphone. I own two phones, one is a smartphone where I use the internet a lot and the other is a regular Nokia phone with no internet at all. The Nokia is where I put my Simcard for calls and text since the smartphone will definitely drain the battery fast because of my internet use.

When transacting before using the BPI app, I always get annoyed since I have to wait for the OTP pin on my other phone. Not to mention, I rarely use the other phone since everything these days is all about social media where we can do calls and text messages.

I am glad that BPI introduces the Mobile key.

What is the Mobile Key in the BPI application?

The BPI mobile key is the alternative for the OTP. It is the use of your biometrics like your fingerprint or facial ID or a pin code when doing a transaction. You don’t need to wait for a One Time Pin (OTP) to be sent on your smartphone. This is indeed more convenient and hassle-free. Not to mention, BPI also makes sure that it is secured and that only you can do the transaction on your preferred device. What I like about it is it’s quick. I don’t need to bother looking for my other phone.

What transactions you can use the Mobile Key?

You can use the Mobile Key with the following transactions:

  • Pay bills
  • Send money to unenrolled 3rd party accounts
  • Send money to other banks

Transactions not mentioned above use OTP for authentication.

How to activate the mobile key in the BPI app?

If you decided to activate the Mobile Key, you can follow the guide below.

Log in to your BPI Mobile app. Click the 3 lines at the top left side, then choose Account Maintenance. Tap the Authentication and Turn On “Mobile Key”. Nominate a 6 digit pin code and enter the OTP you receive in your mobile number. You will also be given the option to use Touch ID. That’s it and then you’re done. You can now use a pin or a fingerprint after you confirm the details of your transaction in your BPI app.

How about if you use a browser to transact? When you do transactions using the computer, after confirming the details, you will still need to validate it on your phone. You will receive a notification from BPI, just click that and use your pin or your fingerprint. Tap approve and then you’re done.

You can only use the mobile key on one device. If you decided to turn it on on the other device then it will be deactivated on the old one. You can only turn on the Mobile key in the Mobile app. BUt you can use it both on the BPI app and BPI online. Remember that you need an internet date to use the mobile key. There is also a 90-second limit before the mobile key request gets expired.