load beep card using bpi

How to load a beep card using BPI mobile app?

Beep card is a contactless card that can be used for payments of fare in Metro Manila’s three elevated railways- LRT1, LRT2, and MRT 3. It can also be used for payments in P2P buses and PUV’s nationwide as well as in toll fees in NLEX and CAVITEX.

Since the government is encouraging less physical contacts to lower the risk of Covid-19 transmission, beep card is really helpful for the public.

There are different loading stations where you can go to load your beep card. You can visit any of the 44 LRT and MRT stations, passenger terminals and transport partners, Family mart branches, mini stop branches and Bayad Center outlets.

You can also do it using BPI mobile app with 4 easy steps. Refer it below.

How to load a beep card using BPI mobile app?

  1. Open you BPI mobile application and log in to your account.

2. Click the three horizontal lines located on the upper left portion of your screen, then press payments/Load. On the drop-down, choose Load e-wallet.

3. Fill out the needed details, in the option Load to choose BEEP, input the 16 digit card number of your beep card to the reference number and enter the amount you want to load.

4. Verify if all the details are accurate, then press confirm. A one time pin will be sent to your mobile. Once transaction is successful, you can proceed to any beep e-load station to update your balance and complete your transaction. A fixed fee of P10 will be charged for every transaction regardless of the amount.