improvised PPE

Laguna Health Workers wear trash bags as improvised PPE

Covid 19 has become a nightmare for all of us. With the increasing number of cases and deaths all over the world, we could only wish it would end fast.

With the enhanced community quarantine that has been implemented in Luzon and other cities in Visayas and Mindanao, everyone has to stay at home except the front liners. They are the ones who continue going to work despite the high risk of exposure to the virus.

With that being said, a Facebook post by Tes Depano has gone viral after she posted photos of Health Workers wearing trash bags as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). They improvised to continue protecting themselves against Corona. She pleaded for any government agencies or the DOH to help them acquire the PPE because they run out of stock. He wrote on her Facebook post:

“We are calling the attention of DOH or kung sino mang ahensya na maaaring makapag-supply sa amin ng Personal Protective Equipments. Naubos na po kasi ang PPE namin sa aming hospital at wala na kaming mabilihan. Kaya nag improvise na lang kami para kahit papaano mapanatiling ligtas ang aming mga staff. Salamat sa lakas ng loob at dedikasyon ng aming mga staff para makatulong sa mga pasyente,” Tes Depano wrote.

Photo credit to Tes Depano

A lot of netizens praise the resourcefulness of the health workers and their determination to care for the sick. But at the same time, they are also heartbroken to see the workers in that state.

This is a sad reality that we are facing right now. We lack resources to fight the virus at the same time, still, a lot of people are not following the guidelines of the Government.

All the front liners including health workers are doing their best to combat the spread of Corona. Sacrificing for our sake. We, as citizens could greatly help them by staying in our homes.

For all our health Workers, we salute you. Stay healthy and May God Bless you.

Meanwhile, Health Under Secretary Maria Rosario Vergeire said there were donations of PPE for the country.

Foreign Secretary Teddy Locsin receives donations of 100,000 N95 masks, 100,000 test kits, 10,000 PPE’s and 100,000 surgical masks from China.