Landbank ATM Card suspended

Landbank ATM Card suspended after 3 attempts? What to do?

The ATM is a great invention, which allows customers to withdraw money without visiting the bank. It’s an easy way to get cash when it’s needed! Let’s talk first about the world’s first ATM.

The world’s first ATM was introduced in 1967 by Barclay’s Bank, located at Enfield Town, England. Initially, cash could only be dispensed, but it wasn’t until 1981 that the first ATM started to allow deposits too. Nowadays ATMs are found all around the world and are available 24/7.

The Landbank of the Philippines is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC). It has different ATM branches nationwide.

What to do if your Landbank ATM Card gets suspended after three wrong attempts?

Moving on, if you are a Landbank customer and you happen to forget your pin and have tried 3 wrong attempts, your ATM access will be suspended for the next 24 hours. But there’s no need to worry.

This move of Landbank is to protect its customer. There may be people who got hold of your ATM and are trying to steal your money so, if ever you press the wrong pins thrice, it’s normal that you won’t be able to access it for 24 hours.

You can again use your ATM card after 24 hours and continue banking with LANDBANK. So, it means you can just wait for a day until you get to use your card again. But what if you really can’t remember your pin?

If you forgot your ATM PIN, you can head to your LANDBANK branch of account and request PIN Resetting.

What to bring for PIN Resetting request?

Make sure to bring at least one (1) government-issued and photo-bearing ID, your ATM Card, and P50.00 for the processing fee. LANDBANK branch personnel may also request additional IDs for security purposes.

So that’s it. If you are still planning to open a Landbank account, you can read our Guide on opening a Landbank account online.

For online transactions, you can opt to enroll your Landbank in LBPIaccess.

Source: LandBank of the Philippines