Metro Manila curfew

Metro Manila bans Minors from going out

Starting March 17, 2021 minors are prohibited to go outside of their houses in Metro Manila this is according to MMDA. Only those aged 17 to 65 years old are allowed to go outside this is in connection with the surge of Covid19 and its variants.

Minors are banned outside because they are more susceptible to the virus because they have much lower resistance in their immune system. The resolution will cover all the 17 local government units in NCR. Metro Manila Mayors made the decision to curb the transmission of the coronavirus in the region, MMDA chairperson Benhur Abalos said.

This is a contrasting reaction with how the president conceives the pandemic situation in the country and how the Metro Manila Mayors act. President Duterte said to his countrymen that they should not despair because we can win against the virus and this is just a small thing that is happening in our life. If that is the case then why can’t we still flatten the surge of the virus? Why is it we are having a hard time fighting the virus? When the spokesperson Harry Roque said we are successful in fighting it and what is giving us the hard time are the new variants that entered the country, which is the African, Brazilian, UK strains, etc., I don’t know if I agree with that assessment.

The government is giving us the assurance that everything is under control but that is far from the truth. We are still continuously struggling with how to deal with it. We already implemented so many protocols that you can think of but still, it is not enough to lower the cases of having covid19 virus. Some Socmed experts or the online keyboard warriors’ experts are saying that this is because of the hardheadedness of the people to follow protocols and guidelines and not because of the incompetency of the government. I disagree with that, the government had enough time to control the outbreak of the virus but they instead chose to grandstand and belittle it. Some cabinet members who are vaccinated still got the virus, so tell me right now if that is a nice positive way to put that we are safe because of the vaccination campaign roll out by the government.

I have read a headline saying that countries that have female leaders are more successful in handling the Covid19 pandemic. I don’t know if that is because of their sensitivity to the needs of the people or they are just more successful in handling crisis.

Since we are reverting back to the before situation when they roll out the quarantine protocols that prohibiting minors to go outside, we are expecting that this issue will not improve soon but rather this is far from over especially in Metro Manila. Some areas in the province are already in the normalized mode, and continuously having their life back as of the moment. All we can do right now in some areas especially in National Capital Region is hope that their status will improve.