Philhealth to cover full cost of treatment for COVID till April 14

We cannot deny the fact that aside from the COVID 19 scare, we are also concern about the amount it would cost for the treatment of the said virus. Especially when we hear news of the bills of previous COVID patients in private hospitals.

Philhealth, however, guarantees the public on a statement released by PhilHealth on April 3, 2020.

Until a new case rate package is introduced: We will pay “full cost of treatment” for CoViD-19 patients – PhilHealth

The Philippine Health insurance assured the public that they will cover the whole cost of hospitalization of those who contract the Corona Virus until April 14, 2020.

What will happen after April 14, 2020?

Philhealth will still pay some of the amount but not the full cost. Accordingly, they will still continue to assist patients financially but through a recomputed case rate.

The grace period given is due to novelty and the wide range of severity of the disease in the country for which no existing case rate or package based on accepted protocols has yet been established.

The state agency said that it “is confident that by (April 14, 2020), more about the behavior of the disease in the Philippines can be learned, a final protocol established, and an appropriate case rate can be developed that will provide adequacy and sustainability to the anti-CoViD-19 campaign.”

They will as well set a new guideline for the Novel Corona Virus. PhilHealth is scheduled to release a new set of guidelines for CoViD-19 cases, which will include the appropriate case rate based on accepted protocols in dealing with the disease.

On the other hand, health workers will still be covered by Philhealth even beyond the April 14 cut off as per R.A 11469 or what is known as the “Bayanihan We Heal as One Act”

Additionally, PhilHealth just recently announces that those COVID-19 patients who paid hospital bills will be reimbursed in full. PhilHealth will reimburse in full all COVID-19 patients admitted between February 1 and April 14, 2020 and who paid their hospital bills.

Starting April 15, 2020, onwards, all COVID-19 admissions will be covered using a new case rate benefits package.