Philippine Commission on Women is hiring

Join the dedicated and hardworking workforce and family of Philippine Commission on Women. The following are vacant positions:

  • Planning Officer II
  • Senior GAD Specialist
  • Administrative Assistant II
  • Administrative Aide VI

Planning Officer II

Employment Status: Contract of Service

Salary: SG 15/ 35, 097 plus 20% premium

Education: Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job

Training: 8 hours of relevant training

Experience: 1 year of relevant experience

Eligibility: None required

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provides backstop support for the DDO/Lead Auditor on the conduct of the lnternal Quality Audit (lQA) and prepare the required technical documents;

2. Responsible in drafting the audit plan, audit program and activity proposal;

3. In-charge in maintaining the storage of ISO documents such as but limited to CARs, CAR Register, Auditors’ notes, Auditors’ reports, Auditors’ checklists, Auditors’ kit , et al;

4. Coordinates with the HR Learning and Development with regard to ISO related trainings;

5. Coordinates and provide support to the DDO/IQA Lead Auditor;

6. Monitors and evaluates PCW’s compliance to ISO Clauses;

7. Monitors the pending Corrective Action Requests on a timely manner;

8. Coordinates with the document controller to ensure that registered ISO procedures, DRAR, ROAA are updated in the PCW portal; and

9. Other tasks directed by the DDO/Lead Auditor and Executive Auditor.

Senior GAD Specialist

Employment Status: Permanent

Salary: SG 6/ 16,877 plus 2,000 PERA

Education: Completion of two years studies in college or high school graduate with relevant vocational/trade course

Training: None Required

Experience: None required

Eligibility: None Required

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provides technical assistance to national government agencies on gender and development mainstreaming, development of gender-responsive plans, policies, programs, activities, services and tools, and the application of GAD and Monitoring &Evaluation (M&E) Framework;

2. Leads the development and enhancement of GAD modules, Technical Assistance Packages, GAD Tools and Guidelines;
3. Coordinates and participates in the conduct of GAD-Capacity Development programs, consultations, meetings, partnership building, policy advocacy, and monitoring and evaluation activities for NGAs and NGRP partners and stakeholders;
4. Prepares GAD related presentation materials on topics/subject matter assigned by Chief GAD Specialist;
5. Serve as subject matter expert/resource persons on GAD related capacity development activities organized by PCW or as requested by partners and stakeholders
6. Assists in supervising, coaching, and mentoring GAD specialists in performing their tasks as may be directed by the Chief GAD Specialist and Supervising GAD Specialist;
7. Reviews GAD plans and budgets of National Government Agencies (NGAs) and other government instrumentalities;
8. Prepares/drafts concept papers, activity proposals, policy papers, and technical reports related to assigned tasks;
9. Participates in the production of GAD-related Information, Education and Communications materials;
10. Provides technical inputs in planning, implementation and assessment of the division’s overall strategic plans;
11. Participates and represents PCW and/or the Division Chief in inter-agency committee meetings, conferences, consultations, workshops, seminars and learning sessions and acts as technical backstop to the Division Chief and PCW officials; and
12. Performs other related tasks that may be assigned by the Chief GAD Specialist.

Administrative Assistant II

Employment Status: Contract of Service

Salary: SG 8/ 18,998 plus 20% premium

Education: Completion of two years studies in college or high school graduate with relevant vocational/trade course

Training: 4 hours of relevant training

Experience: 1 year of relevant experience

Eligibility; None Required

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provides secretarial, administrative, and logistical support for the Chairperson and the Board Staff Office;
2. Provides administrative assistance in the day-to-day operations and projects of the Board Staff Office;
3. Drafts routine administrative and finance related communications and reports of the Board Staff Office and their projects;
4. Arranges/schedules meetings of the Chairperson and the Board of Commissioners and prepares materials needed for the meetings/speaking engagements;
5. Provides logistical and administrative support during the preparations and the actual conduct of meetings workshops and other supplies and materials needed for the activity:
a. Assists in the preparation of meeting kits and other supplies and materials needed for the activity;
b. Assists in transcribing the proceedings of meetings, workshops, etc.;
c. Follow-ups confirmation of participants to meetings/events organized by the Board Staff Office;
d. Ensures that required materials are available prior to schedule on time;
6. Coordinates the reproduction and collation of materials needed by the Board Staff Office;
7. Maintains confidential, vital, and general files and records, circulars, memorandum, orders and other papers and documents;
8. Does simple correspondence, reply letters and takes charge of recording of the incoming and outgoing communications;
9. Receives/screens callers for proper referrals;
10. transactions/coordinates with proper authorities on all requirements related to the attendance to international conferences, meetings of the Chairperson and the Commissioners;
11. Monitors the communications in the Documentary Tracking System (DTS) for proper endorsement to the Chairperson and the Board of Commissioners;
12. Does travel arrangement, such as booking flights, hotel reservations, travel order and prepares/process of per diem and other travel requirements;
13. Prepare documentary requirements needed for the payment of suppliers during the activities conducted by the board staff office;
14. Performs other tasks that may be assigned from time to time.

Administrative Aide VI

Employment Status: permanent

Salary: SG 6/ 16, 877plus 2,000 PERA

Education: Completion of two years studies in college or high school graduate with relevant vocational/trade course

Training: None Required

Experience: None Required

Eligibility: None required

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provides assistance to the CAO in fulfilling her tasks by doing complete staff work, including the conduct of research on CSC, DBM and COA laws and rules, and a variety of administrative topics;

2. Gathers information on specific administrative problems/concerns brought to the attention of AFD;

3. Coordinates the convening of and documents the monthly meetings with AFD Section Heads and the quarterly AFD assembly to discuss administrative and financial issues and concerns, including possible conflicts between and among employees and section or groups;

4. Coordinates with other divisions regarding administrative and financial concerns and processes and responds to queries in the absence of the CAO, when necessary;

5. Assists and/or prepares graphic/visual materials for briefing, orientation sessions and/or meetings;

6. Assists and documents proceedings during AFD meetings/planning for MYPA and YEPA;

7. Prepares internal guidelines and memos on administrative and finance concerns;

8. Assists the CAO on the consolidation of DPUCR ratings and MOVs from different sections;

9. Assists the CAO on reminding the Section Heads in ensuring the timely submission of all Performance Based-Bonus required reports; AOM findings report/s; CSC submissions, IPCR submission and other reportorial requirements;

10. Consolidate monthly division updates to be presented during flag ceremony

11. Assists the CAO in ensuring the submission of ISO related documents (CAR, Root-Cause Analysis) if needed;

12. Receives telephone messages and relays information with the required action to the supervisor;

13. Receives and logs in/out requests for payment, disbursement vouchers, obligation slips, petty cash requests, and other documents for review and/or approval and signature of the CAO;

14. Schedules/calendars meetings and other commitments of the CAO;

15. Prepares requisitions of required supplies and materials;

16. Entertains visitors and directs them to the proper division/unit;

17. Routes documents to appropriate parties;

18. Files/organizes related files and documents; and19. Performs other duties as assigned by the Chief Administrative Officer from time to time.

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