smart giga stories 99

Smart Giga Stories 99: 16 GB data (2 GB data+14 Gb stories)

Smart Giga Stories offers 16 Gb data in total for 7 days. 2 Gb of which is open data access while you will have another 2 GB daily for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok for a total of 14 Gb. All of this only cost Php99.

We usually spend most of the time at home lately since the Corona Virus Pandemic struck the whole world including our country. It is necessary to take extra precautions to protect ourselves from contracting the virus. So, while at home it is also necessary to enjoy and entertain ourselves.

If you are a smart subscriber, you might want to try their Giga stories promo.

How to subscribe to Smart Giga Stories 99?

To subscribe, you just need to dial *123# and choose free stories for all. You can choose between Giga stories and Giga stories+. Giga stories + have additional unlimited Trinet calls and Allnet texts aside from the 14GB data. It costs Php 149 for 7 days.

Giga Stories 99 Summary

  • 2GB of open access data
  • 14 GB of Giga Stories (2GB per daily for 7 days) for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok
  • Cost: 99 pesos
  • Validity: 7 days

The promo will run until July 31, 2020, only. You can use the open data access for video streaming, play mobile games, and more.