The Ego In Two Words

If you get your ego in your way, you will only look to other people and circumstances to blame. – Jocko Willink

Ego is a driving force that will make or break a person in a certain situation. There are advantages and disadvantages of having a big Ego instill in a person’s conscious and unconscious mind. It will propel the outcome of what will going to happen as a result of it.

Sometimes having a big Ego and self-entitlement can get you far in life because you simply believe in what you have to offer in this world. Sometimes it will drown you to believe that you are the most important people on this earth, which I believe is not true. We are just a dent in this Universe a tiny particle that exists which shines in its own way, that is when the time has come for us to have a shining moment.

According to Sigmund Freud, the ego is part of personality that mediates the demands of the id, the superego, and reality. Freud described the id as the most basic part of the personality that urges people to fulfill their most primal needs. The superego, on the other hand, is the moralistic part of the personality that forms later in childhood as a result of upbringing and social influences. It is the ego’s job to strike a balance between these two often competing for forces and to make sure that fulfilling the needs of the id and superego conforms to the demands of reality.

We take a look at the Story of Jordan Belfort the Wolf of Wall Street made famous by the movie with the same title starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Born on July 9, 1962, in Queens, New York, Jordan Ross put his sales skills to use in a different arena. He started working for a brokerage firm, learning in the ins and outs of being a stockbroker. Two years later, Belfort was operating his own trading company, Stratton Oakmont.

With his partner, Danny Porush, Jordan Belfort raked in cash using a “pump and dump” scheme. His brokers pushed stocks onto their unsuspecting clients, which helped inflate the stocks’ prices, and then the company would sell off its own holdings in these stocks at a great profit.

Awash with cash, Belfort lived the high life. He spent lavishly, buying a mansion, sports cars, and other expensive toys. He also developed a serious drug habit, becoming especially fond of Quaaludes. Belfort was involved in several accidents due to his drug use, including crashing his helicopter into his own yard and sinking his yacht—which once belonged to designer Coco Chanel—while under the influence. His addiction also contributed to the break-up of his second marriage.

Belfort encouraged reckless behavior in his employees, as well. Substance abuse, sex, and horseplay were the norm at Stratton Oakmont’s Long Island, New York, offices. An assistant at the firm was once paid $5,000 to allow some of the company’s traders to shave her head. The employees were also urged to live by the motto, “Don’t hang up until the customer buys or dies.” Their hard-sell tactics paid off in the short term. As Belfort told the New York Post, “It’s easier to get rich quick when you don’t follow the rules.”

In 1999, Belfort pleaded guilty to securities fraud and money laundering. He cooperated with authorities in an effort to shorten his prison sentence.

In 2003, Belfort was sentenced to four years in prison and personally fined $110 million. He served 22 months in jail. –

This guy had been predicted to be trash or success when he was still in school. He had this verbal skill that will stimulate anybody to follow him in the direction of his choosing. He is like a leader in a cult that has the charisma to give people what they want to hear. Having his oral prowess propelled his status and become a success in life.

But apparently he did not check his big ego that made his downfall as a person.

The Ego in Two Words

If I sum up the Ego in two words it would be to “Drop It!” In general terms, Ego is not really bad but having a superego is. The Ego is the balancing factor between the id and the superego which is according to Freud is very important.

The id is for the primal needs and the passion while the superego, on the other hand, is the self-entitlement you believe you deserve because you believe you are important. That’s why the ego will balance the two so that you are in the neutral zone.

A big no-no to superego you have to drop it like the atomic bomb. When you are getting used to praises on a higher degree because of the job well done on the projects you had, or the grades, the accomplishment, the awards you are getting or just praise of beauty then drop the big self-esteem and the sense of higher self.

The Ego Giveaway

Being in a confident zone of oneself is not bad, but accompanies it with egoistic deceitful personality then we have a problem with that. You are not seeing the negative effect right now because you are still in the delusional state but give it time to materialize and you will know what I’m talking about.

Instead of being selfish about what you are confident about, why not use it as a giveaway to others. You can share the talents you have to teach other people to improve themselves and be a positive driving force to multiply the goodness of this earth.

When I will be given the opportunity to write the meaning of EGO, I will give the EGO the “Everyday Goodness” meaning. You share your ego everyday with goodness and humility to affect people’s lives in a positive way.

So Drop the Ego to give it away for Everyday Goodness. How about that quote for meaningful EGO Self.