anti corruption champion

Senate Honors Mayor Vico for Being Named Anti-corruption Champion

Mayor Vico Sotto of Pasig City is present at the senate session yesterday as the chamber tackles a resolution honoring him for being named an International Anticorruption Champion.

We heard the news in the past week leading to his monumental rise in his anti-corruption campaign that he was honored by the US Congress for championing anticorruption initiative before as a member of Sangguniang Panglungsod and now as a Mayor of Pasig. We’ve seen on his policy the necessary changes needed to affect the lives of his constituents for the better of Pasig City.

We have seen how he handles the pandemic and how he dearly loves the people of Pasig. He created policies that make people’s lives better and became the standard in giving aid and care for the whole nation. He puts his remarkable initiative in use; just simply put it as Common Sense in a society where it is not common anymore. His direct approach to the problem and the simple solution had brought a positive impact not only to his area of responsibility but also on the whole country. Some of his ideas were not just being implemented by different cities of Metro Manila but also being used outside of the Metropolitan area.

We are happy to have a millennial politician who knows how to handle politics in the right way by serving the people with the utmost respect and care not only for their needs but also for their improvement. He clearly stated in his remarks that “you don’t have a debt of gratitude to the politicians but rather the politicians have the duty to serve the people.” This is the kind of politician we need in our country today. A politician that worked hard to make the right decision for the betterment of his people, a politician that will stay humble and will not stay out of course even if he possesses more power at his disposal, a politician that knows the law and will not break it because that is what politicians are accustomed to, and a politician that knows that no amount of corruption will ever be greater than the amount of respect you have in your oath to serve the people.

We learned the unconventional truth about wisdom in Mayor Vico. Wisdom does not always come through age but rather it is instilled with us in our childhood through adult life. I hope he will continue to rise beyond the imaginative world of politics, and he will continue to bring the necessary changes needed for our country to thrive not just Pasig City. We hope he carries out and will continue to carry out his positive agenda to continue to propel the nation to great heights. We will be behind you to support you in your quest to make this country stand to the challenges of tomorrow. We will continue to watch you and be proud of you as a Filipino citizen. Thanks for the recognition and Mabuhay Ka at Mabuhay ang bansang Pilipinas.